Imaginative and inspiring design that creates a connection

The right choice of graphics and imagery will help to present your content in a way that demands attention.

Great magazines should have a natural flow that changes the pace as you read them, from short, attention grabbing news pieces to rich, expansive features. The result is a visual and educational experience that resonates with your readers.

We will:

  • Look at how your other design elements work with your communication plan.
  • Carefully select and make consistent use of the right fonts.
  • Choose the right images from extensive photographic libraries or commission bespoke shoots.
  • Use infographics (where appropriate) to allow readers to easily digest information through visual data, charts and statistics.
  • Creatively use design so readers will see the benefits and take the desired action – for example, booking conferences, courses or membership renewals.
  • See how the design works across your digital platforms so your messages remain consistent.
  • Evolve your design to ensure long-term engagement.


Design review

We can produce visuals to demonstrate exactly how we see all your communication channels linking together and working productively.


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